Sportpong is a mobile game which can be installed in locations of various dimensions both indoors and outdoors. Sportpong has been used for private and public events. The public can easily understand the simple game principles, and they love watching Sportpong!


The game can be adapted to your event
- Custom branding or uniforms can be created for the players
- Game interface can be customized
- Special feature can be added to match your event



Players wear a simple stick on their feet, no additional items are needed.


The field is concepted for four players, dimensions 4 meters wide and 7 meter long. Depending on the room the field can be bigger.


The game only works in dark environments. Depending on the situation, we can either install Sportpong for night-time use, or we can cover all lightsources such as windows or lights, and install Sportpong for day-time use. Sportpong generates a lot of light itself, only very little additional lights are necessary to illuminate the environment.


You can rent Sportpong as an attraction for various occasions and events. For example, Sportpong can be entertainment for your employee reunion.

Cost are depending on:
-nature of event
-number of visitors
-duration of the installation
-amount of assistance you can provide during installation
-cost for transportation, accomodation, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone to get more information and availability.